JSAPMDD Regional Committee Tackles Organizational Matters and Approves Program PlansA Regional Committee (RC) Meeting of JSAPMDD was held at the Ibis Sathorn Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand from February 25 to 26, 2011, right after the meeting of the Working Groups. The agenda of the meeting included a review of the RC tasks and functions, formation of an Executive Committee and election of RC officials, report on finances, updates on the global situation of Jubilee South and planning of 2011 activities.

The incoming and outgoing RC members adopted motions to grant two seats for regional member organizations and another two seats for the representatives of the Women and Gender Working Group in the Regional Committee. The new RC members were SAAPE and Asian Migrant Centre from the regional organizations and Solidaritas Perempuan and Jagaran Nepal from the Women and Gender Working Group.

Representatives to the Jubilee South International Coordinating Committee were also elected namely, Sarba Raj Khadka of SAAPE, Willy D'Costa as RC Chair, a representative from Solidaritas Perempuan and Lidy Nacpil.

An Executive Committee (EC) was also formed with the following members: Regional Coordinator Lidy Nacpil, RC Chair Willy D'Costa, Milo Tanchuling of FDC, and Sharmila Karki of Jagaran Nepal. The EC will decide on significant adjustments to operational plans and activities, and corresponding realignments on budget up to 15% per item as recommended by the Coordinator. They will also deal with details of the JSAPMDD Secretariat Plantilla (structure, items, functions) and salary and benefits as proposed by the Coordinator. The EC will serve as the adviser of the Secretariat on matters of program implementation and fundraising as well as on the representation of JSAPMDD in external events.

The proposals put forward by the Working Groups were also discussed and eventually approved by the committee. Notably, the recommendation for setting up a Women and Gender Program was adopted. It was also decided that JSAPMDD will conduct campaigns against power privatization, dirty and harmful energy projects and water privatization. Also agreed was the plan to take on a two-track campaign on climate change. The first is on climate finance and the second is on the demand for deep, drastic GHG emission cuts by Annex 1 countries and the opposition to false solutions.

The RC also deliberated on whether to institutionalize the Rights to Essential Services (RTES) Network and agreed to maintain the RTES at least up to the list serve level. It was decided that the alliance would continue facilitating discussions through the list serve and possibly tap potential members. However, the focus would still be in the campaigns of the Rights to Essential Services and Natural Resources Program of JSAPMDD to be led by the Working Groups.

A solidarity dinner to welcome the newly elected regional members as well as to end the RC meeting was hosted by the Secretariat.