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Peoples in Asia are among the most threatened by climate change – a crisis induced by unabated fossil fuel use of a global capitalist system's inexhaustible drive for profit, private wealth and accumulation.

Reclaim Power 2016: A call for urgent action to put an end to dirty energy

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Civil society groups are paying close attention to whether the Korea Exim bank could be accredited of Implementing Entity of GCF.

Korean Federation for Environmental Movements urge Kexim Bank to end Coal Financing

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Participants of the 10th Asia Europe People's Forum in Milan, Italy join the call to ban dirty energy and stop the climate crisis!

10th AEPF Calls Ban to Dirty Energy! #ReclaimPower

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Thirteen right based civil society organizations led by EquityBD has organized a human chain and rally demanding Government must redirect subsidy to the community-controlled renewable energy sources instead.

Redirect Subsidy to Community-Controlled Renewable Energy, Not in Fossil Fuelequitybd.org

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“The fossil fuel industry is the biggest threat to our very existence as Pacific Islanders. We stand to lose our homes, our communities and our culture. But we are fighting back.

Pacific Climate Warriors Fighting Back, Challenges the World© 350.org