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JSAPMDD demand climate debt reparations in protest actionOn Sunday, April 3, members of JSAPMDD kicked off a series of protest actions during the United Nations climate talks in Bangkok by demonstrating in front of the UN ESCAP building and demanding reparations from rich industrialized countries for the climate debt they owe to developing countries.

Civil society leaders from Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Philippines, Pakistan and Indonesia carried a huge effigy of Uncle Sam symbolizing how the United States and other Annex 1 countries are dominating climate talks, evading their responsibilities for the climate crisis, and moving away from attaining legally binding agreements.

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On April 2, planning workshops were conducted aimed at developing specific plans for promoting the climate justice agenda in Asian inter-governmental processes namely the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC).

The participants broke out into two workshop groups with the Southeast Asians focusing on ASEAN and the South Asians on SAARC.

The ASEAN group highlighted the context of the ASEAN by pointing out that energy and the utilization of natural resources is deeply related with economic integration in ASEAN. The group stressed the importance of making use of the ASEAN Summit to surface issues not only on climate finance but also on the acceleration of the privatization of essential services and the massive exploitation of natural resources as well as issues of illegitimate debt.

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Workshop on National Climate Finance Structures, Processes and PoliciesA workshop on National Climate Finance Structures, Processes and Policies was held on April 1 at the Ibis Sathorn Hotel. The workshop is aimed at 1) further developing a common platform for national structures, processes and policies on Climate Finance, to the extent possible and helpful, and 2) providing a venue for exchange of ideas and experiences in campaigning on national climate finance issues, with special focus on the Philippines and Bangladesh.

Bert Martin of Oxfam International provided a presentation on Country-Level Governance of Adaptation Finance. He shared the initial results of a study in 7 countries namely Bangladesh, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Nepal, Philippines, Tajikistan and Viet Nam. He presented the study's recommendations which included that government leadership must be placed at the center of the program.

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STUDY AND STRATEGY SEMINAR: On Cancun Agreements and Developments and the Road to Durban and BeyondA three-day Study and Strategy Seminar dubbed "On Cancun Agreements and Developments and the Road to Durban and Beyond" was organized by JSAPMDD from March 29 to 31 at the Ibis Sathorn Hotel in Bangkok. Participants included members of JSAPMDD as well as the Philippine Movement for Climate Justice.

The seminar sought to (1) collectively discuss the Cancun agreements, trends and dynamics, positions of governments and major blocs and their implications; (2) gain deeper understanding of the scientific and technical aspects of the issue; (3) further develop the platform on climate finance in the light of Cancun developments; (4) develop specific strategy and calls regarding emission cuts through domestic measures; and (5) come up with a collective plan for key tasks, common activities and joint actions on key issues.

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JSAPMDD Regional Committee Tackles Organizational Matters and Approves Program PlansA Regional Committee (RC) Meeting of JSAPMDD was held at the Ibis Sathorn Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand from February 25 to 26, 2011, right after the meeting of the Working Groups. The agenda of the meeting included a review of the RC tasks and functions, formation of an Executive Committee and election of RC officials, report on finances, updates on the global situation of Jubilee South and planning of 2011 activities.

The incoming and outgoing RC members adopted motions to grant two seats for regional member organizations and another two seats for the representatives of the Women and Gender Working Group in the Regional Committee. The new RC members were SAAPE and Asian Migrant Centre from the regional organizations and Solidaritas Perempuan and Jagaran Nepal from the Women and Gender Working Group.