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Poverty, economic marginalization and exploitation render women more vulnerable to gender-based violence and pull women down in their uphill climb to fully enjoy their rights. Access to and control over land and resources remain a significant barrier for many women in Asia.

The Long Climb Up: Women Fighting

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The APMDD stands in solidarity with women all over the world in raising their voice against all forms of gender-based violence and in calling for an end to the systemic discrimination, marginalization and exploitation that millions of women in Asia contend with every day.

16 Days to end GBV: Women's fight for survival, safety, security and system change

APMDD Statement: pdf"16 Days of Activism to End Gender-Based Violence" – Amidst Multiple Crises: Women's fight for survival, safety, security and system change

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We invite you to join us in our campaign for #TaxJustice and #WomensRights!

#8for8 Campaign: Make Taxes Work for WomenIllustrated by Lui Narciso

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We want alternative development models that center people and planet, uphold human rights, food sovereignty and climate justice. We demand that our voices be heard, heeded and protected. We want systemic change, and we want it now!

Invest in the Care Economy for a Just, Green, Feminist Covid-19 Response and Recovery

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International Women’s day comes at a time of multiple crises for women especially in impoverished communities in the South – among others, the crises of food, land, water and climate change.

International Women’s Day: Renewing Our Commitment to the Emancipation and Empowerment of WomenMembers of the Women's Hawker Federation rally in 2012. [Saktiman Ghosh]